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S A N D R A  C A B A L L E R O , R.D.H. , F.A.A.M.
M E L I S S A  C A B A L L E R O , L.F.S.

M A S T E R   P E R M A N E N T   M A K E U P 

  A R T I S T  +  T R A I N E R

 B R O W  D E S I G N  +  P E R M A N E N T  M A K E U P   A R T I S T  +  T R A I N E R

Sandra is a Fellow of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and proud member of the SPCP. 

Her commitment is to provide her patients with the safest, and most artistic application of permanent makeup for the most natural results.

An Honors graduate from New York University College of Dentistry (Sigma Alpha Phi), Sandra obtained her degree in Dental Hygiene.  Besides her dental hygiene experience, Sandra also attended the Esthetic Skin Institute in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where she has taken courses  in medical micropigmentation as well as advanced courses at the prestigious Nouveau Contour headquarters.

Sandra takes pride in keeping up with the latest techniques in the industry and has taken several courses in advanced master training by some of the top  international professionals in the permanent makeup industry. Her dedication and drive has led her to teach other artists the art of permanent makeup in advanced techniques.

+ Board Certified by the American Academy of       


+ Proud Member of the S.P.C.P.

+ Extensive training in Infection Control 

+ Florida Department of Health Establishment License

+ Florida Department of Health Tattoo License  

+ Insured * Biomedical Waste Permit * CPR/AED trained 

+ Licensed by the New York City Health Department 

Melissa is a licensed esthetician specializing in Permanent Makeup + Brow Design. Her passion for eyebrow artistry drives her to learn the newest and most exciting trends happening in the beauty industry. Continuing education is one of Melissa's top priorities. Her drive for learning and continuously perfecting her craft for her clientele is what sets her apart from others in the industry.


Melissa found her niche in the beauty industry very early in her adolescence by being exposed to the brow industry since a very young age  because of her mother. After realizing her passion was also in the beauty industry, she decided to take a break from college to follow her dreams and pursue esthetics school. She then started her own lash and brow design business at the age of 18 in what was known as "Blissful Lash".  After seeing lots of success and growth in her business in a short amount of time, she knew she had the potential to create a brand that was much more marketable. Being a millennial and a previous student in marketing, Melissa understood where the market was heading. Melissa suggested to her mother (Sandra) in amping things up a bit in creating a more marketable brand. It was in the beginning of 2017 where Melissa and Sandra decided to join their businesses together in which they began the creation of Blissologie. 



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