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Radiation Marker Camouflage uses micropigmentation with tattoo ink to hide the radiation marker.

Radiation markers can often be a reminder of battling cancer and the uncomfortable treatment you went through. To put this illness in the past, we offer radiation marker tattoo camouflage as a FREE SERVICE!

*Please note this service is not available to book online, please call us at
Our team understands how important it is to regain your confidence and get back to your normal life after radiation therapy. We know you’ll never forget the battle you faced and that removing reminders can actually help you heal and move on. 

Our artist Sandra herself was once “the girl with cancer” but that is not who she is anymore and not who you are! It was something you went through, and you are so much more. 

When you’re left with radiation markers on your body, we turn them into a freckle instead, allowing you to move forward and complete your healing process (we know it was a long and hard one). 
We’d like to welcome you to our compassionate and confidential Blissologie family!


DO NOT PICK OR DISTURB THE CAMOUFLAGE / PIGMENTED AREA. It is important that IF there is any protective scabs that they stay on during the healing process.
Use a thin layer of provided ointment 2 - 3x per day for the first 5 days. Always apply ointment before before bathing or showering.
No soap, shampoo, cleansers, or cosmetics on the pigmentation site for the first 5 days. No sauna’s, steam rooms and baths, hot yoga, or anything that causes excessive sweating for at least 5 days. No swimming in chlorinated pools or beach for 2 weeks. No direct sun or sun tanning beds for 4 weeks.
25% - 40% of the pigment will fade off during the first 5 – 10 days of healing.  Area may appear to be healed, but it will not fully heal for 4 to 5 weeks. 


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