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Our 100-hour fundamental course include everything you’ll need to know to start out successfully: skin anatomy, color theory & pigments, sterilization, medical history/client information + consultations, equipment/needle selection, facial morphology, marketing/how to get your office started,  and of course eyeliner, tinted lips, and ombre PMU techniques. All our courses also include a new digital Zorion permanent makeup machine.


The objective of Blissologie Training Academy is to provide the best quality education for our students. We will strive to develop you into a competent micropigmentation specialist in a safe educational environment. Our program is designed to ensure that you are prepared to meet all necessary requirements to become professional in the field of micropigmentation.


Blissologie Training Academy allows a maximum of 3-4 students in the Fundamental Trainings to ensure you will receive the required attention and knowledge to maximize your potential in the field of micropigmentation. You will graduate as a capable, knowledgeable, and motivated professional and will have obtained all the necessary training and experience in this area of study. Our teaching methods are designed to guide you to succeed as a talented professional.


Our trainers have worldwide experience and expertise so you will learn from the very best trainers available. Education is the foundation of your work later. Your clients demand the best micropigmentation they can get. After you have completed the course you are assured to meet the highest requirements for your clients.

October 9 - 13, 2021 | APOLLO BEACH

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