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Lip Blush Training


Learn the art of beautiful soft lip shading

This is a one day training for permanent lip blush technique. Lip Blush is the latest trend for lip enhancement giving the illusion of fuller lips by giving definition and enhancing the lip color. Once healed, the lips will appear very natural. During the training, students will learn to work with PMU machine device included in training package. They will practice on paper, latex skin and a live model. 

(Temp FL tattoo license & BBP is required) to work on a model.)

Topics covered will include:

·         Introduction to Lip Blush

·         Safety and Sanitation

·         Workspace Set up

·         Color Theory

·         Tool Characteristics

·         Skin Fundamentals

·         Contradiction

·         Consultation

·         Lip Shaping and Symmetry

·         Sandra's  tips and tricks

·         Sandra's  technique

·         Precare and Aftercare

This class will include a kit which consist of a  PMU device, lip blush manual, needles , latex, pencils, and a few other supplies. Certificate of attendance.

Lunch is included. 

For more information or to book a private class please email us at

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